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Yellow for us is a synomym of:

vitality, self-identity
and dynamism.


Who we are

Arcipelago Muratori

Arcipelago Muratori is viticulture of biodiversity, symbiosis and knowing how to care of. It is desire of being inside the landscape by respecting the natural environment. 170 hectares of vineyards in four different Italian areas of viticulture, from Lombardy to Tuscany, to Campania, where working not just to produce wines of a specific area, but wines as Liquid Landscapes. In every zone we produce just one kind of wine in order to stress out the quality of the different environments, minimizing the environmental impact.

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The land and the


The philosophy of Arcipelago Muratori is to dedicate every environment to just one wine. We chose four Italian geographical areas devoted to viticulture to plant vineyards and build wineries focused on specific wine productions.

Franciacorta, famous for its bottle-fermented wine, has been dedicated exclusively to the production of Franciacorta. To produce red wines we chose high Maremma in Tuscany and particularly the area of Suvereto, land of Sangiovese grape. To produce “yellow” wines we went to Sannio in Benevento, a cradle of culture for the cultivation of many interesting native yellow grapes. To produce our Passito we chose Island of Ischia as a tribute to the most ancient tradition in Italy for the cultivation of grape.




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Wine is a liquid




Thanks to wine we can live in symbiosis with nature. A wine that we obtain without use of chemicals, without addiction of allergens, without sulphates, without filtration, just by making use of solar energy in the winery. Gradually Symbiotic wines are becoming a fundamental principle of the whole production of Arcipelago Muratori. A long path where research gleans from tradition to design the future. Francesco Iacono brought Muratori family to “get dirty” with the soil, to understand the meaning of feeling wine into the soil, imaging wine not just from grapes but also from the noise of clay in contact with stones when stepped on. Getting conscious that terroir, soil, grape, are part of man and man is part of the same environment.

If land and vineyard are part of the same environment, and man is its main exponent so wine cannot be just wine OF soil, it must be wine devoted TO soil: a change of perspective that makes ourselves conscious that without soil, without the opportunity to live it, wine cannot exist. So wine has to become a conscious subject in safeguarding, respecting and taking care of the environment. Vineyard gains from the landscape, we create the landscape, we can respect it so the wine can become landscape itself when it is able to express all the feelings that we perceive when we step on our soils, our vineyards: WINE IS LIQUID LANDSCAPE.